About Wastemapping

Wastemapping is an online tool providing a continuous information flow of available excess and waste materials near you. It aims to bring waste materials back into circulation/use, with the intent of making new products out of those materials or using them for teaching, designing etc. rather than using new materials.


By giving and taking waste and excess materials back into circulation we save the environment. Furthermore by giving new life to these leftover materials it helps to reduce the waste handling costs and large amounts of waste ending up in landfills as well saves water, energy and other resources.


The idea of Wastemapping database originates from on PhD thesis of senior researcher, fashion, theatre and film designer Reet Aus who started working as a fashion designer in 1997 and since 2002 all her collections are made following the principles of upcycling.

The upcycling method, or upward re-processing, is defined as bringing waste back into the consumption chain through design by placing it higher up in the chain than it previously was - this includes environmental as well as commercial and aesthetical value.


Continuous mapping of waste and excess materials is currently available in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.


Maarja Keskpaik Estonia
Antra PÄ“tersone +371 26232699 Latvia