Second hand unused and used craft materials; fabric, yarn, thread, buttons, zippers, leather, fake fur, fur, etc

by Nextiili-paja

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Second hand material, unused and used from private household. Large everchanging variety.
Type of waste:
Unsold stockist
fabric, knit, jersey, tricot, yarn, thread, embroidery, furnishing, leather, fur, fake fur, crafts, needle, crochet, weaving, weft, lining, jeans, free
Changing variety
Textile recycling center
Priced by kilogram: fabrics 4 € / kg, craft material like yarn, buttons, zippers, etc 6 € / kg, leather 2 € / kg, fake fur/fur 6 € / kg - we also have free material
Additional information:
We are a textile recycling facility working on non-profit principle, income goes to rent and other running expenses. We cover Tampere and nearby areas and everything we get comes as donations from private households. We are located in the same building as Nekala recycling center.


Mimosa Koiranen. supervisor
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We are a non-profit organistation financed by projects and donations. If you appreciate our work, please show support.

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